Composite Deck

composite decking tiles laying

The composite decking tile is an environmentally friendly alternative.  The laying is very easy, you can do it yourself.  Very easy to click them together.

laying composite decking tile

How to lay your composite decking tile

  • Start the laying always on straight, flat surface.
  • Begin the laying one of the corner of the area.
  • Once layed, the first element, the following elements can start to click together.
  • Simply click them to each other.
  • Go until the entire surface covered with.
  • You can easyily cut the deck tile, if necessary.

The decking tile owners also can be creative.

Install decking tile

Composite decking tiles laying.

decking tiles

decking tile

Color differences:
During production, we used coloring materials and color stabilization be employed, however, slight color variations may be among the items, which is natural. The product can be brighter 5-10% over time. The warranty does not apply to the color change.

Use soap and warm water to remove dirt this.



green deck composite decking

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Composite decking tile SALE price:
£3.2 per Tile from 501 pieces
Composite garden decking SALE price:
23,1 £ / sqm 

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