Composite Deck

Composite decking


Use your Terrace and enjoy the beauty without any problems.

Composite garden decking.SALE price: £13.00 / pieces ( 32 £ / sqm )

The composite garden decking size: Lenght: 2200 mm, Width: 150 mm, Thickness: 25 mm.

composite deck

Composite  garden decking.

If you want a beautiful, maintenance-free outdoor garden decking , you can choose the Bamboo Lines  composite  garden decking.Have a garden decking, which has always been your dream. You can show your garden decking to your guest pridefully. 

composite decking

  • Water content: 0,4%
  • Rockwell Hardness: 106
  • Static bending strength: 45,4 MPA
  • Bending Flexibility: 3475 MPA
  • Corrosion resitence: 0,08 g ( g/100r )
  • Density:1,43 kg / m3


The complete garden decking system has the following elements: 


Not necesarry to renew your garden deck If your terrace is made from wood, you have to renew after 2-3 years. With the composite garden decking it will doesn’t happen.You don’t have to be worrie about the passage of years.
No renovation costs
If you have wooden terraces, each summer it should be re-painted or oiled, this is not only costly but also takes a lot of time.If you choose our composite garden decking, it will never happen.
Weather-resistant composite garden decking
The WPC has the character of highly resistant to moisture and termites, no rotten, no cracking. The composite garden decking is resistant to weathering.

Better than a wood terrace
Our composite garden decking looks like a wood terrace , but much more resistant than a tree
Eco-friendly garden decking
Since recycled ingredients, it is also environmentally-friendly products.

With anti - slip surface.
Anti slip floor surface. With the ribbed surface of the composite garden decking you don’t have to worry.You won’t dropp off, even so is the weather is wet.




green deck composite decking

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Composite decking tile SALE price:
£3.2 per Tile from 501 pieces
Composite garden decking SALE price:
23,1 £ / sqm 

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