Composite Deck

composite decking colors

Composite garden decking colors:


decking colors

Composite decking tile in wenge colour.

Minimal & Luxury. Gives you mood and calm atmosphere. Excellent choice for a modern and minimalist interior design theme.

Composite decking tile in chocolate colors.

Comfort and leisure. The brown is the color of the leisure.

Composite decking tile in bankirai colors.

Lively and youthful tuscan design. For terra-cotta colored pottery. 

Composite decking - Bankirai

composite garden decking

Composite decking - Choco

composite garden decking

Composite decking - Wenge

composite garden decking

Composite decking - Grey

composite garden decking

If you need a beautiful, maintenance-free composite garden decking, what you can install easily, you can select our composite decking tile.The composite garden decking looks like a wood, but more resistant than a wood.

The images shown may differ from the original color as on the screen can not fully reproduce the original colors. Over the time the colour can be lighter.



green deck composite decking

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Composite decking tile SALE price:
£3.2 per Tile from 501 pieces
Composite garden decking SALE price:
23,1 £ / sqm 

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